Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm not Dead!

Just busy with work. Mostly. And Fallout.
To show I'm not dead- here's a lunch project of mine I've been concocting over a period of three or four lunch hours. Enjoy!
Update: This and other designs are now on
Many thanks to them!

The SDI Alleycat was a low-speed, low-altitude multipurpose attack bomber manufactured by SOL Industries Inc. on the third moon of Jinn, a planet in the Beta Cluster. They were used for active combat during:

The Third Civil Uprising
The Wyvernian Conflicts

Aging Alleycat fighter-bombers are still used by Mekkan Resistance members in their fight against the Mekkan Regime.

Some recon versions have the weapon equipment replaced with electronic countermeasures as well as camera equipment.

Civilian versions are used as fireships, trainers, and border patrol.

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Shaun Patterson said...

Looks great dude, very original design. I am sending you a thousand high fives over the internet.